Year end check list

Review this information before sending your books and records to us


Where relevant include the following:

  • SEISS grants received
  • Sales invoices – for work completed, even if they remain unpaid at the year end
  • CIS statements , including statement ending 5th April 2021
  • Copy VAT returns with workings
  • Bank statements – please check they run in order and highlight any private items


Whilst not a comprehensive list, the most common business expeses are the following:

  • Materials – supplies and general stock
  • Tools – tool purchase and hire
  • Communications – Mobile, Broadband, landline
  • Repairs – to property and equipment
  • Clothing – including Overalls, Uniform, Hi vis jacket, Safety equipment
  • Printing, post and stationery – Courier, Postage, Toners, Ink, cartridges, paper,
  • Marketing – Website costs, adverts, search engine costs, promotional material
  • Capital costs – Cars and Vans, Large plant and equipment, Computers, Office furniture
  • Motor expenses – Fuel, Insurance, Repairs, Parking, Congestion Charge, AA/RAC and Cleaning
  • New Bank loans, including ‘Bounce back’ loans and HP agreements
  • Business, or used in business, Credit Card statements

Vehicles used in business.

Details of make, model and registration number for:

  • Vehicles, including any changes in the period
  • Any new finance, PCP or vehicle leasing together with a copy of the agreement
  • Vehicles part-exchanged, sold or scrapped

Bounce back/CBILS loans – send details of any loans received.