Checklist – 2023 Income Tax Return

              Income Source   tick if included
Form P60/P45 (If we do not prepare your payroll)¨
Form P11d – benefits-in-kind form (If we do not prepare your payroll)¨
Uniform or other deductions claimed¨
Subscriptions to professional bodies¨
Mileage claims for private car used for business (Please provide mileage rate(s) paid by company)¨
Exercised share option schemes¨
Contributions made to any pension funds¨
Your own contributions 
Your employer’s contributions
Investments – Interest 
Bank or building society notification¨
National savings, bonds, government stock¨
Investments – Shareholdings 
Dividend counterfoils¨
Stock brokers schedules¨
Purchase/sale notes, portfolio valuation¨
Land and property income 
Income and Expenditure details¨
Loan interest certificate or mortgage statement¨
Property purchase/sale completion certificate¨
Details of any change in ownership of property¨
Pensions received 
State pension – notification of amount (Notify if weekly, monthly or 4-weekly)¨
Form P60 for Private pension/Annuity¨
State benefits  Child benefit details (only relevant if you or your partners income exceeds £50,000)
Letter from DWP showing taxable benefit
  ¨ ¨
 Other Taxable State benefits 
Self employment – Only income NOT included in the business accounts¨
Student Loans outstanding – please advise Type 1 or Type 2  
Marriage transfer allowance claimed¨ ¨
Gift Aid payments¨
Life policy gains (Please provide “certificate of chargeable event”)¨
New or amended Deeds of Covenant