Limited Companies

We provide a simple fixed fee service – with unlimited advice throughout the year – for producing your Company Accounts and Corporation Tax Return and can help you maximise profits and minimise tax.

What records do you need? We can prepare accounts from whatever bookkeeping records you have – online, spreadsheets, a manual cashbook or just a bag of receipts. However, we will always suggest ways on how to strengthen your record keeping procedures.   This will not only help contain our costs and but also reduce the risk of an HM Revenue & Customs Tax Enquiry. Record keeping not a strength? We offer a complete bookkeeping service

Accounts: These must be formatted to comply with company legislation and our fee includes completing and filing them both with HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House.

Corporation Tax: Our fee includes calculating, completing and filing your company’s corporation tax return and telling you how much and when to pay – and we try to make sure you claim all legal deductions to pay as little tax as possible. HM Revenue & Customs do not advise you how to organise your affairs to minimise tax.

Payroll: Paying wages requires a payroll scheme. If you require help we offer a complete Payroll & CIS service.

Directors tax returns: For limited companies, the directors’ salaries and the dividends paid to shareholders, will need to agree with their tax return.

Fees: These will vary depending on whether we prepare just the company’s Accounts and Tax return or also complete the Directors Tax Returns, payroll, VAT and bookkeeping. For an average ‘one-person’ company our fees start from £1,400, plus 20% VAT, depending how much you want us to do.

If you are thinking of starting a Company, or need assistance with your existing Company, simply contact us.